Internal Audit helps management to understand what the organization’s key risks to success of their strategy are and subsequently then provide assurance that the key controls to managing those risks are sound.
At Acuivent, our nimble Internal Audit Team will help you to understand all the issues impacting your business and how to provide assurance over those key areas on a regular basis.

Our team has ready expertise and capacity; and can work with you to:
Set-up an internal audit function where none exists
Build the capacity of an existing internal audit function through training, coaching, joint audits and quality reviews.
Provide internal audit services on a fully outsourced basis.

Providing internal audit services to help companies assess business risks and controls and improve existing processes which will help the organization to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, internal control and governance process is our Internal Audit section driving engine. We do not just find where attention must be focused, but we also highlight areas that are over-controlled and showing weather too much time and cost is going into a particular aspect of operations without benefit.

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