For most organisations Human Capital Strategy is one of the most important elements of Business Strategy today.  Yet, whether we are HR or line management, we always seem to be so busy fixing “operational” problems, that we just don’t seem to have the time for an authentic Human Capital Strategy session.

At Acuivent, our Human Capital Strategy Consulting methodology is based on our experience combined with sound research. We provide objective advice, expertise and specialist skills. We partner with our clients to help create value, maximize growth, and improve business performance. We achieve this through optimized Human Capital Management, primarily concerned with Strategy, Structure, Management and Operations of the Human Capital of an organization and we assist our clients by:

  • Identifying options for improvement with practical and measurable recommendations,
  • Providing additional resources when necessary, and
  • Help you implement Human Capital Strategy plans.

Our Solutions

We customize our approach to meet the development needs of our clients. Our cadre of highly qualified HR consultants, with recommendable designations, provide support in all areas of human resources consulting including, but not limited to:

HR Strategy

Create a road map to ensure your HR efforts are intentional and comprehensive. HR strategy prioritizes processes, culture, and investments in a way that activates engagement, belonging and discretionary effort.

HR Outsourcing

Acuivent will match you with one of our HR consultants who fit your culture, your specific issues, and your real-world budget. Our HR consultants provide short- and long-term support in all areas of human resources.

Employee benefits and pensions

The art and science of communicating with your employees to ensure they understand, value and engage with the range of employee benefits available to them.

As an employer, you provide a range of benefits to your employees, anything from dental insurance to life cover to pensions. But you don’t want to do it in a vacuum. At Acuivent, we will assist you to evaluate your employees benefit and help you project on the same while helping you communicate the benefits to the staff.

Culture, Surveys & The Employee Experience

Become more intentional about creating a positive employee experience. With a series of proven tools, understand where your organization is at, what you want to accomplish, and let us help you get there.

Training & Communications

Our training and development programs include solutions for all levels of employees. Our philosophy is that “one size does not fit all”; so we customize training courses to fit your organizational needs, culture, policies, and industry.

Employee engagement and satisfaction

Acuivent’s Well-Being services offer innovative, results-based solutions designed to help organizations create thriving workplaces where employees are healthier, happier, engaged, and high performing.

Conflict resolution

Any business will have employees who don’t get along from time to time. Whether it’s because of differences in their personalities, lifestyles, opinions or some other factor, sometimes employees just don’t match. And when there’s discord in the workplace, it affects everybody. The resulting tension not only makes the office environment uncomfortable – it can also negatively impact your business’s productivity.

Creating a workplace conflict resolution policy is essential for resolving employee issues and maintaining harmony in your office. To solve these conflicts, we help our client to understand the source of the conflict, employees involved and set up a conflict resolution policy which works for your company’s culture, goals and business environment.

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