Who we are


We Do Management Consulting and business Advisory

Acuivent consulting is a dependable, committed and ethical partner, dedicated to adding value through expertise, objectivity and quality consultancy and investment services. We are a worldwide active consultancy organisation, with a local understanding of today’s business reality.


Our Story

Acuivent consulting is a Kenyan based management consulting and business advisory firm, with East African roots going back to couple of years and as the founder and CEO, Mrs. Susan Kagundu, having well founded career in financial management, investments and portfolio management and strategic advisor.

Over the time Acuivent consulting has become a fast growing and a truly reputable business advisory group in consulting, advisory and career coaching. Further we do support clients and investors in restructuring and expansion activities.

Acuivent consulting has kept its consulting soul in aspects of management consulting, restructuring and expansion support. Additionally, through Coaching & Advisory, we offer a 360-degree solution in HRM, Interim Management, Succession Management, Business Coaching and Trainings.  Through our Investment consulting Services, the firm is offering Project funding, Private Equity Capital funding and investment options (money markets, capital markets and real estate investments) through sourcing and connecting our clients with desirable investors interested in either; Angel Investors, Venture Capital and Structured Small Business Loans. This combination of investment and corporate consulting state of art has made Acuivent consulting a very successful firm and unique in its market positioning.

At Acuivent consulting, we do offer advice to business decision makers to assist in restructuring and developing the business of our clients, supporting them to be more profitable and head a sustainable business growth. For firms looking to expand their business into other regions or globally, or to enter new markets in general, we are able to propose a competent task force of experienced interim managers and or advisors with an executive business and project management profiles who endeavor in assisting our clients achieve their business and investment goals.


Our values are fundamental to the success of our client business and projects. We believe in and deliver:

  • Customer focus: Concentrating on your requirements and the value you gain from our engagement. Exceeding your expectations with defined measurable objectives, timely delivery and a hands-on approach to working with, supporting and developing your existing teams.
  • Trusted Expertise: We bring our clients decades of industry know-how, drawing upon Investment, business and risk Our strategic and technical consultants offer deep subject matter expertise—both locally and globally. You can rely on our experience to help achieve outcomes that are aligned with your organization’s goals. We achieve this by Providing knowledge, insight and effective implementation, delivered by experienced partners through established and qualified business models.
  • Committed Partnership: Every organization has its unique business and investment needs, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Our goal is to craft strategies by partnering with your organization across disciplines and staying committed to your goals.
  • Ethics: Ethical business values of sincerity, fairness, transparency, trust and loyalty, combined with a commitment to excel.
  • Holistic management support: Holistic, bespoke and personalised management support, focused on People, Processes, Performance and Products, contributing to positive financial results.
  • Sustainability: Transferring our knowledge and skills to your team members, helping develop your resources and achieve long-term sustainable results and relationships.
  • Presence and Expertise: Our management experts are available locally, nationally and globally, providing services and support across all life cycle phases for domestic and international businesses.
  • Multicultural: Our experts have the knowledge, ability and inter-personal skills to work on and manage projects in multicultural environments.
  • Multi-skilled: We offer an exceptional, comprehensive matrix of vertical and horizontal skills, providing a wide range of experience and competence across functions and sectors.
  • Ongoing Innovation: We continually invest in creative ideas, data-based solutions, and practical research to anticipate needs and solve business challenges. Our own market-leading research and analytics help to shape solutions and services for organizations in all industries.

Key Industrial Practices

Acuivent focus mainly but not only, on:
Agriculture industry
Real Estate and Construction Industry
Education Industry
Electronics Industry
Energy Industry
Entertainment Industry
Food Industry
Healthcare Industry
Hospitality Industry
Manufacturing Industry
Mining Industry
Music Industry
News Media Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Telecommunication industry
Transport Industry
Aerospace Industry
Small and Medium Enterprises Cluster
Public Sector
Social Sector & Non-profits

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